Aronin, Larissa  An Advanced Guide to Multilingualism. Edinburgh: EUP

A comprehensive companion to the core dimensions of  multilingualism

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What is multilingualism? What are its main issues?

Delivering illuminating facts and significant findings from a variety of multilingual settings, this

textbook covers the diverse dimensions of multilingualism comprehensively and systematically.

Along with explaining key concepts, the book examines the foremost issues of individual and societal

multilingualism. Indigenous and minority languages, World Englishes, translanguaging, cross-linguistic influence, multilingual identity, the impact of multilingualism on healthy aging as well as models and research methods are featured in the textbook. Each chapter is supported by a comprehensive review of relevant research to reveal fresh perspectives, offer discerning insights and pose challenging possibilities for future exploration.

With its clear structure, careful signposting, end of chapter summaries, further reading lists, and

reflective discussion questions and exercises, the book suits personal study as well as face-to-face,

distant and hybrid methods of learning.

Key Features

  • Chapter summaries, further reading lists, chapter reviews and reflective discussion questions and exercises at the end of each chapter.
  • Exercises designed to enhance presentation skills and tasks, and discussion questions for tutorial work and private study.
  •  A glossary of key terms is freely available via the EUP website.
  •  Over 50 tables, text boxes and figures to demonstrate key concepts, data and ideas.
  •  New topics that have been scarcely covered in textbooks at this level, such as Dominant Language Constellations, the material culture of multilingualism, and language nominations.