Dominant Language Constellations A New Perspective on Multilingualism (2020) Editors: Lo Bianco, Joseph, Aronin, Larissa (Eds.)

Introduces the concept of Dominant Language Constellations Offers an additional and novel perspective on the use of languages in a multilingual world Suggests ways of dealing with real-life multilingual situations across the world in educational and social contexts Links Dominant Language Constellations to timely issues in multilingualism, sociolinguistics, sociology of language and applied linguistics

Dominant Language Constellation Approach in Education and Language Acquisition. (2021) eds. Larissa Aronin and Eva Vetter. Springer

Adopts a Dominant Language Constellations approach to multilingualism Explores novel perspectives on language policy and language teaching Touches on the issues of identity and immigration from an up-to-date perspective