MODERN APPROACHES TO RESEARCHING MULTILINGUALISM Studies in Honour of Larissa Aronin Herausgegeben:Gabrys-Barker, Danuta; Vetter, Eva Gebunden, 1st ed. 2024, Springer, Berlin Series Second Language Learning and Teaching

The volume offers a collection of the most recent research coming from scholars and practitioners in the field of multilingualism research in various contexts of natural/immersion environments, school/formal instruction, grounded in multilingual societies and individual multilinguality of semimonolingual countries. The studies included in the book constitute an exemplification of new methods of research used (e.g., narratives, visualizations, metaphors) as well as new approaches to multilingualism (affordances, dominant language constellations). Part One focuses on different dimensions of multilingualism, Part Two zooms in on the concept of affordances and their role in the development of multilingual competence, Part Three concentrates on dominant language constellations in different contexts and, finally, Part Four shifts the focus to instructional practices in teaching multiple languages..