19-21st May 2022

     33rd International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition
(Modern Technologies in foreign language teaching, learning and research)
Szczyrk, University of Silesia
Plenary talk
DOMINANT LANGUAGE CONSTELLATIONS: representations and computer modelling
April, 22-23,
 «Современные языки: прагматика и семантика» / «Взаимодействие языков и культур» на базе Череповецкого государственного университета.Cherepovets State University, RussiaPlenary " The way we treat languages – Language Nominations
March, 25-27,
International and Interregional Integration in the Field of Engineering Education
Scientific conference “Integration of Engineering Education and Humanities: Global Intercultural Perspectives”
St- Petersburg, Russia
Peter the Great St-Petersburg Polytechnic University
Keynote "Multilingual education for engineering students"
28-29, 2019
XIX International Conference «Professional culture of the specialist of the future»St- Petersburg, Russia
Peter the Great St-Petersburg Polytechnic University
"Navigating Multilingual Environments"
May 17-19, 2018
Conference " Identity in SLA"
Szczyrk, Poland‎ Plenary "Joining the dots: identity and language teaching in a multilingual world"
September 22-23, 2017
Dialog in Language and Literaturethe Institute of English Studies in Humanities University, Sosnowiec, PolandPlenary Dialogue from multilingual and multicultural perspective
April 26-30, 2017.
VI International conference “Contacts of languages and cultures”Cherepovets State University, RussiaPlenary “Dominant Language Constellations”
  October 19-20, 2015Workshop on Linguistic and Sociolinguistic
 Perspectives on Mew Speakers in a multilingual Europe
University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Larnaca, Cyprus.Key-note “ Multilinguality and discursive competence in current multilingualism”
  May 22-24, 201426th International Conference on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition and learning. Topic Material Culture in studying Foreign/Second Language AcquisitionSzczyrk, Poland
Key-note Speaker:
“ Material culture and language learning and use”

  March 27, 2014Symposium “Mehrsprachigkeit als Chance. Theorie & Praxis”Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck University, AustriaPlenary speaker:
“ New vistas on multilingualism: Material Culture of Multilingualism “
  June 17, 20135th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher conferenceTrinity College, Dublin IrelandInvited talk: “Novel directions in multilingualism research: material culture”
  May 23-25, 201325th International Conference on Foreign/ Second Language AcquisitionSzczyrk, PolandInvited talk: “Investigating multilingualism through material culture”
  September 13-15, 20128th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and MultilingualismCastelló, Spain
University Jaume I
Key-note: “Current multilingualism and new developments in multilingual research”
April 19-21, 200716th PASE (Polish Association for the Study of English) conferenceUniversity of Silesia, Szczyrk, PolandKey-note: “The role of English in a multilingual world” (with prof. D. Singleton)
 Invited lectures

2020, November 27. (online) XIX International Conference Professional Culture of the Specialist of the Future. Roundtable "Technology and Language" invited speaker, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).
2020, June 10. (online) Invited talk Webinar (Erasmus+)(Germany-Netherlands). Google Classroom Training Week. "The material culture of multilingualism in language teaching classroom."
2019, June 18. Darmstadt, Germany "Language situation in Israel" Lecture for the " Evenary Forum". Technische Universität Darmstadt.
2018, September 26. Darmstadt, Germany. Invited presentation " Dominant Language Constellations in Education, Language Teaching and Multilingualism " at 2018 ECSPM Symposium, Paradigm Shift in Language Education for the Development of Multiliterate and Plurilingual Agencies.
2018, June 7-8. St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. Herzen State Pedagogical University. 10th conference Russia's Ethnic Cultures. Invited presentation "Multilingualism and Russian Culture in the Post-Soviet World".‎
2016, June 15. University of Cologne, Germany, invited talk “Dominant Language Constellations with the German Language in Israel”.
2015, June. Invited discussions in the framework of gemeinsamen Aktivitäten zwischen Israeli Embassy und der Technischen Universität Darmstadt anlässlich des 50-Jahr-Feier diplomatischer Beziehungen zwischen Israel und Deutschland.
2015, June 22. Public lecture Öffentlicher Vortrag zu, Deutsch, Deutschen und Deutschstämmigen in Israel Technischen Universität Darmstadt, Germany.
2015, February 23. Invited lecture ‘Dominant Language Constellations” for the MA program students at University Jaume I Castelló, Spain.
2014, July 10. Public Talk “Bilinguals and multilinguals” CLCS, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
2014, May 26. Public Talk “Bilingualism and Multilingualism – the same or worlds apart?” Long Room Hub, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
2013, June 23. CLCS, Trinity College, Dublin Ireland lecture for PH.D students and staff.
2013, June 17. Invited talk for the 5th AILA-Europe Junior Researcher conference 2013, Trinity College, Dublin Ireland.
2013, May 23-25. Invited talk on Multilingualism (ReN) at 25th International Conference on Foreign/ Second Language Acquisition Szczyrk, Poland.
2010, June 24-25. Invited paper: “The Multiple faces of Multilingualism: Language Nominations” Bloomsbury Round Table on Communication, Cognition and Culture: The multiple faces of multilingualism. London, UK University of London, Birkbeck College.
2009, July 6. Talk: “Minorities and Affordances” CLCS, Trinity College, Dublin.
2006, June 13. Lecture: “The Use of Languages in the Globalization Age. Dominant Language Constellations”. Darmstadt University, Germany.
2006, February 15. Lecture: “Multilingualism as a New Linguistic World Order”. Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Language and Communication Studies.
2006, February 23. Seminar lecture: “Languages in the Contemporary World” for Socrates Programme students, Institute of Technology, Tralee, Ireland, Business and Humanities Department.