Twelve Lectures on Multilingualism (2019) edited by D. Singleton & L.Aronin
Textbook offering a state-of-the-art, authoritative introduction to multilingualism, written by experts from various subdisciplines This major new textbook offers an accessible introduction to the most interesting areas in the study of multilingualism. It consists of twelve lectures, written by leading researchers, each dedicated to a particular topic of importance and accompanied by questions for student reflection and suggestions for further reading.


Advanced students and experienced scholars alike will find each of the 12 chapters in this book deeply thought provoking. Combined, the lectures offer a comprehensive view of current thinking on the use and learning of more than two languages. The expert contributors and editors are to be applauded for having done an excellent job and a great service to the field. -- Annick De Houwer, Universität Erfurt, Germany

A phenomenal book! A definite winner and bound to become a gold standard for the field. It provides a nuanced treatment of a wide range of topics that are relevant and essential for the study of multilingualism. Format and discussion questions enhance the already deep value of the book. -- Suzanne Flynn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Through twelve lectures, this volume, expertly edited by Singleton and Aronin, provides us with a state-of-the-art account of multilingualism in the individual and in society. It covers multiple voices and approaches, and the study questions and further reading guide the student through the key theoretical issues and methods in the study of multilingualism, making the volume a valuable reference. -- Li Wei, University College London, UK